New Nova Deko website launch!

We’ve been working around the clock for the past few months building a brand new website. We figured with the release of our 4 new innovative residential designs our website needed a refresh. 


Our new website features include:

– Brand new 4 residential designs, photos and inclusions.

– Seamless and creative new ways to enquire with the ability to customise certain variations.

– Shipping estimate calculators to selected locations.

– Beautiful imagery throughout.

– Insight into our involvement with research and development.

– Installation, purchasing and shipping guides to help answer our most common enquiries.

– Installation time lapse videos. 


We’ll constantly update the website providing all the latest content and images. For more information and images, follow our Instagram for all our latest projects 


10 RESIDENTIAL NOVA DEKO MODULAR NEWPORT 1024x724 - New Nova Deko website launch!
Render of the Newport design with new cladding ideas!