Shipping Process

We’ve been sending hundreds of modular homes across the world each year for over a decade. We generally transport the modulars via sea by container ships from the Port of Shenzhen to your destination. This shipping page provides general freight information and below that a shipping cost estimator for our residential range.  All our pods are compliant to container standards for freight purposes. 

Shipping Process

Shipping Info

Our homes are wrapped in tough resistant plastic keeping them safe from the elements

Our glass windows and doors are protected with ply wood secured on the outside. We use tough double-glazed glass on our pods and have never had any cracks or breaks to date

The cabinets and drawers inside are securely taped to stop them from opening and closing

Any loose items are securely tied down to prevent them from moving around

The homes are placed on top of the sea freight container ship to avoid excessive weight

Shipping Cost Estimates

To get a rough idea of how much shipping will cost, we have provided a freight calculator. Simply select the residential design and your closest port and the quote will automatically calculate.

If your port is not displayed please contact your local sea freight transport company for accurate quotations. 

Modular Design
Nearest Port
*Shipping Quote (USD)
USD $0

*These shipping costs are estimates only and are not valid quotes. These costs are based off average past shipments. We provide these estimates to help you get a rough indication of costs as we receive many shipping cost enquiries. 


For the cheapest and best results we recommend contacting a local sea freight forwarder who understands your local port procedures. They can provide you with accurate quotes and assist with customs. If you are unsure of freight companies and would like assistance please contact us.  


For commercial or multiple containers being shipped please contact us for assistance.