Purchasing Process

Purchasing a modular home with Nova Deko is simple and easy. Purchasing direct from the factory, you will achieve considerable savings by eliminating the ‘middle man’. This page provides information about preliminary research, how to select a design, purchase agreements, payment terms, shipping and delivery, installation, warranty and maintenance. Simply click on the orange headers on the left and the relevant information will appear to the right.

Purchasing Process

Preliminary Research

Selecting Your Design

Purchasing Agreement

Payment Terms

Shipping & Delivery



Preliminary Research

Below is a checklist to help you gain a better understanding of what’s involved in planning for a modular home. Planning will speed up the application and make the process much smoother.

Contact your local council or authorities to find out the regulations regarding pre-built homes.

Contact a local builder or competent tradesman to discuss service connections (plumbing and electricity).

Contact a local customs agent to enquire about shipping from China. Nova Deko can supply a list of agents upon request. The agent will take care of the whole shipping and delivery process including customs matters. The agent would be engaged directly by the purchaser.

Seek advice with a local customs broker to receive cost effective information on logistics. They can assist with shipping information and all customs procedures.

Site access: either you or your installer should contact a local crane company to advise on the type of crane required for the site placement of the pod.

Make sure your site is safe and easily accessible by trucks. For more information on site accessibility, please view our Installation Guide.

Selecting Your Design


Nova Deko is proud to release the 4 new innovative residential modular homes which can be browsed under the residential modular page. At the top of the page you will find all 4 designs, The Santa Fe, Hayley, Newport and Manhattan. Once you find a design that suits you can then select certain variations on offer. Currently we offer cladding variations, air conditioning, dishwashers and energy recovery systems for cold climates. Please note certain countries require specific regulations on these variations so they may be unavailable. 

After the variations have been selected, you can scroll down to find the shipping cost estimates. Please note these are estimates only and are not valid quotes as shipping rates fluctuate daily. We provide these costs to provide a rough idea of shipping. If your port is not on the list please contact a local sea freight forwarder for accurate quotes. To submit the enquiry, please fill out the information prompts below and clock submit. Make sure to include as much information as possible in the additional Once submitted one of our staff members will contact you back with the next step.


In addition to the customised modular for commercial projects, Nova Deko Modular also produces four standard single pod designs, which can be browsed under the Residential Modular page. For each design, there are several options that you may care to choose. When selected, the calculator automatically adjusts the price.

Similarly, an estimate of shipping costs can be obtained by entering the intended destination of the modular home. Please note this is an estimate only and are not valid quotes as shipping rates fluctuate daily. If your port is not on the list please contact a local sea freight forwarder for accurate quotes.

To submit the enquiry, please complete the information prompts below and then submit. Make sure to include as much information as possible in the additional space. Once submitted one of our staff members will contact you.

Purchasing Agreement

When you have completed the necessary preliminary research, chosen your modular home together with required options, determined the shipping arrangements and made the decision to proceed with the purchase, we will require various details including the purchaser’s name, address, contact particulars, destination country and delivery address. This information will be used to generate a Supply Agreement, which will be sent to you for checking and endorsement. The agreement must then be signed and returned to Nova Deko Modular with the required deposit. Please note that prospective purchasers are always welcome to visit the factory prior to making a commitment, to inspect the homes on display. If in Australia, homes are available for view in Brisbane.

Payment Terms

Deposit: 20% (non-refundable)

Pre-shipping 80%

Shipping & Delivery

We've been sending hundreds of modular homes across the world each year for over a decade. We generally transport the modulars via sea by container ships from the Port of Shenzhen to your destination. This shipping page provides general freight information and below that a shipping cost estimator for our residential range.  All our pods are compliant to container standards for freight purposes. 

Shipping Info

The tough double-glazed windows and doors are fitted with ply-wood on the outside, for protection during shipping and transportation.

The cabinets and drawers inside are securely taped to stop them from opening and closing

Any loose items are securely tied down to prevent them from moving around

The homes are placed on top of the sea freight container ship to avoid excessive weight

Shipping Cost Estimates

To get a rough idea of how much shipping will cost, we have provided a freight calculator. Simply select the residential design and your closest port and the quote will automatically calculate.

If your port is not displayed please contact your local sea freight transport company for accurate quotations. 

Modular Design
Nearest Port
*Shipping Quote
USD $0

*These shipping costs are estimates only and are not valid quotes. These costs are based off average past shipments. We provide these estimates to help you get a rough indication of costs as we receive many shipping cost enquiries. 


For the cheapest and best results we recommend contacting a local sea freight forwarder who understands your local port procedures. They can provide you with accurate quotes and assist with customs. If you are unsure of freight companies and would like assistance please contact us.  


For commercial or multiple containers being shipped please contact us for assistance.


Due Diligence Read More

Contact your local council or authorities to find out the regulations regarding prebuilt homes. 

Contact a local builder or competent tradesman to discuss the installation process and connecting of services (plumbing and electricity). 

Seek advice with a sea freight company to receive cost effective information on logistics. 

  001 NOVA DEKO MODULAR HOMES DUE DILIGENCE - Purchasing Process001 NOVA DEKO DUE DILIGENCE - Purchasing Process

Site Preparation Read More

The steps needed to prepare your site for the modular home will vary depending upon the particular circumstances that might apply. The basic steps usually involve:

Plan Preparation. Depending upon the extent of associated works (e.g. separate roof, decking), a detailed plan may be required.

Site Access. The modular home will be delivered by truck so appropriate access will need to be provided. This includes both roadways and possible power line safety. A site inspection by a crane operator may be necessary at this stage.

Preparing the Pad. If a flat pad is proposed, the site may need to be excavated. Note that Nova Deko modular homes are ideal for sloping sites.

Installing Foundations. A soil test may be needed and an engineer engaged to design the footings. Footings can be as simple as concrete pads to accommodate the fold-down legs (if this option is selected).


Cranage Read More

Contact a local crane company for advice on the best method of lifting the pod from the truck to the site.

If the crane can be positioned right next to the foundations, a smaller crane may be sufficient.

If a single crane cannot reach far enough, you can use a 2 crane lift with 1 crane on either end.

Note the crane location may block roads or walkways where traffic control may be needed.

2 NOVA DEKO MODULAR HOMES 2 CRANE LIFT 1024x576 - Purchasing Process11 NOVA DEKO MODULAR HOMES 1 CRANE LIFT 1024x576 - Purchasing Process

Connection of Services Read More



Nova Deko’s new residential range comes complete with underslung drainage pipes.

The owner/builder will need to engage a qualified plumber to connect the Water, Sewer plus Storm Water Connections

All work must be in accordance with your local building standards.



An electrical plan will be supplied as part of the documentation upon purchase.

The owner/builder will need to engage a qualified electrician for connection.

Each home comes with an internal switchboard as standard.

If the home is installed independently (not connected to an existing property) the electrician will need to provide and install a meter box.

If installed as a secondary dwelling the electrician will need to provide mains power from the existing meter box to the internal switchboard.

The qualified electrician will need to supply and install a meter box that suits the phase of electricity required.



The owner is responsible for organising the phone connections. As part of the electrical lead-in works, the electrician should also install in ground conduit for the phone line. The conduit should run from the communications pit to a point adjacent to the meter box location.


Internal Finishing Read More

To protect the home during transit all cupboards and drawers are taped shut to prevent them from opening and closing.

Holes for dishwasher, washing/dryer machine pipes need to be drilled.

Silicone around vanities, basins and showers to be completed by installer.

Touch up paint and gap fillers may be needed in the unlikely event minor cracks appear in the walls from transit.


External Finishing Read More

Once the modular home has been secured and fixed to the foundations external work such as decking or roofing can commence by a qualified tradesmen.

The external structure should be designed by a structural engineer in collaboration with the draftsman in the planning stages mentioned previously.

It might be necessary to repaint all external surfaces to cover up any minor damage that may have occurred during shipping and transportation.

19 NOVA DEKO MODULAR HOMES EXTERNAL FINISH 1024x576 - Purchasing Process14 NOVA DEKO MODULAR HOMES EXTERNAL FINISH 1024x576 - Purchasing Process

Installation Video Read More

Video 1



Nova Deko has over 10 years’ experience constructing modular homes for many different countries and over that time has developed processes to ensure a consistent high standard of construction. Importantly:

Five year structural warranty.

Nova Deko guarantees all materials to be code compliant for the destination country or region. Such requirements are to be determined prior to ordering.

Every one of our modular homes is 'CSC Certified' which means they are structurally sound to permit stacking for shipping and transportation.

Inspection points are installed at every critical area to allow local electricians and plumbers to inspect and certify connections during installation.