Nova Deko installs the first modular apartment complex in Brisbane, Australia

Nova Deko recently worked with Kerdic Homes, a building company located in Brisbane, Australia. Together they completed one of the first ever large scaled modular complex projects in the inner Northern suburbs of Brisbane.  This project comprised of 24 traditional three-bedroom, two-bathroom, double-garage townhomes; six three-storey executive homes with city views; and 14 two-bedroom apartments. The project also consisted of traditional townhomes which walked out the door as they represented a discount on the median house price in the suburb. This new and exciting project grabbed attention across the world with many new builders approaching Nova Deko!

3 COMMERCIAL NOVA DEKO MODULAR EVERTON PARK 1024x680 - Nova Deko installs the first modular apartment complex in Brisbane, Australia

Traditionally, residential construction has consisted of bricks and sticks, but this is set to change. Modular construction is the future of housing, the rest of the world is proving it already by many countries embracing this new alternative, affordable solution.

If we don’t embrace modular construction, we not only face a compounding affordability crisis, but we risk losing the golden opportunity that is in front of us in the modular construction race.

Nova Deko and Kerdic recently delivered what we understand to be the first modular apartment building in Queensland. It was not without its challenges. However it serves as proof that it is achievable and as valuable R&D for our future modular ambitions.

Modular technology is available now. It is affordable, high-quality, and represents a considerable time saving for developers. We need to embrace innovation in the construction industry and adapt accordingly. It means coming together as an industry body to petition our regulators to embrace this new technology to make the required changes and reduce the unnecessary barriers to entry.

Kerdic has firmly shifted its strategic direction towards modular housing developments and affordable housing in particular. Kerdic is now actively seeking appropriate sites to further develop Nova Deko’s modular homes. We believe that our mission will help to fill the demands of the missing middle with alternative and affordable housing.