What warranties apply to the home?

A 10 year structural guarantee applies to the frame while internal fixtures have a 12 months warranty.

If something is broken in transit or doesn’t work upon delivery, how can I have it repaired or replaced?

When the house is delivered to site it is advisable to engage a builder to install the home and at the same time to make any necessary adjustments arising from movements during transportation. Our modular homes are strengthened for shipping and transportation and port handling. However, it is possible that minor defects may occur during transit (such as cracks in internal walls or marks on external cladding during port handling and transportation). Nova Deko provides putty and touch up paint to rectify these minor defects. Please note that these minor defects are not included in the warranty.  Most of these can be rectified with minimal effort by the builder or a competent tradesperson. In the unlikely event that something more serious occurs, please contact Nova Deko. If anything is damaged during transit, please send particulars to Nova Deko within 7 days of delivery along with photographs and any comments from the builder.

Is condensation a problem with NovaPods?

Condensation is caused when water vapour comes into contact with cold surfaces and condenses to form dampness or water droplets. Warm air holds more water vapour than cool air, so condensation is more common in cooler climates when homes are internally heated.

Many things can contribute to the amount of water vapour in a home, such as a clothes dryer, taking showers or baths and cooking, the materials present in the home and even people breathing. Condensation can be a problem in any building, particularly in modern buildings that are better insulated and more air-tight in order to minimise energy wastage. As a result, water vapour is trapped inside the home and only becomes evident when the disparity between external and internal temperatures occur.

To prevent condensation, particularly in cooler climates, all homes should be allowed to breathe through ventilation or mechanical extractors.