What are the benefits of Nova Deko Modular prefabricated homes?

All our modules are built in a controlled factory environment. This allows for a shorter construction time, task specialisation, greater accuracy, no downtime due to bad weather, more efficient use of resources and less wastage. All this results in a superior quality product at the lowest possible cost. Importantly, Nova Deko is the manufacturer. There is no-one in between to inflate the price, so you would be buying factory direct at the lowest possible price.


How long does it take to build a modular home?

On average we can complete a 40ft modular home within 8 weeks. However, production time varies according to the variations selected, local regulation requirements and quantity. The anticipated production time and shipment for your home will be advised prior to ordering.

What local approvals are required for the homes?

Local approvals vary between countries. Purchasers should make their own enquiries with the relevant local authorities before purchasing to ensure the homes meet local requirements and to determine the appropriate approval processes.


Can the modules be stacked to create a multi-level home or building?

Yes, our homes have been used in multi-level buildings in Australia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland & Germany. Each module has integrated frames designed for stacking and are ideal for that purpose.


What is the difference between a Nova Deko Modular home and a kit home?

Our modules are supplied complete with all internal fixtures and fittings, wall lining, ceiling, windows, doors, etc. already installed. Typically, kit homes are supplied flat packed for the purchaser to fully assemble on site.


Are the homes termite resistant?

As the homes are steel framed, elevated on steel piers and without any structural timber in the construction, the homes are termite resistant. The exposed steel piers also provide a means of visual inspection to check for any bridging by termites.


Are Nova Deko’s houses suitable for cold climates?

Yes, although additional measures will be necessary to cater for the internal / external temperature differences to avoid issues relating to condensation. For cool climates, it is recommended that an energy recovery system be installed. Additional upgrades included triple glazing to windows and external glass doors together with heavy duty insulation.

Can I have solar panels fitted?

At this stage, solar panels will need to be retrofitted by the purchaser after delivery of the home. In time we may supply a range of sustainability options for our homes.