What site preparation is required before delivery of the home?

The extent of site preparation, including foundations, will depend upon site conditions. Normal services (water, power and sewage) will be required and purchasers are advised to make these arrangements prior to delivery of the home. It is also important that suitable access be available for a truck and crane.

Can the homes be placed directly on the ground?

No, the home cannot be positioned directly on the ground. When delivered the home should be either installed immediately or placed on blocks to allow air circulation underneath. If placed on the ground, moisture can be absorbed through the flooring and possibly create condensation issues.

Can I install on a sloping block?

Absolutely! In fact, this is a major benefit of Nova Deko’s steel framed homes. Our standard designs are supplied with fold-down legs that are adjustable to cater for uneven sites. It is advisable to engage an engineer to design the footings and determine the tie-down and bracing needs considering geographical and geotechnical conditions and relevant local authority requirements. Adequate access and work space needs to be available on site for the haulage vehicle and crane, which will be the purchaser’s responsibility to check.