Shipping & Delivery

What countries will Nova Deko Modular deliver to? Our pods can be supplied to any country that has a port capable of handling shipping containers. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure the homes are suitable for the purpose and comply with any relevant local building standards. How long does it typically take to ship […]

Warranty & Maintainance

What warranties apply to the home? A 10 year structural guarantee applies to the frame while internal fixtures have a 12 months warranty. If something is broken in transit or doesn’t work upon delivery, how can I have it repaired or replaced? When the house is delivered to site it is advisable to engage a […]


What site preparation is required before delivery of the home? The extent of site preparation, including foundations, will depend upon site conditions. Normal services (water, power and sewage) will be required and purchasers are advised to make these arrangements prior to delivery of the home. It is also important that suitable access be available for […]


What are the purchasing and payments processes? Once both parties agree to the final agreement you will then be asked to provide all relevant information including purchaser’s name, address, contact particulars, destination country and delivery address. This information will be used to generate a Supply Agreement, which you can then print, scan and send to […]

Modular Home Selection

How do I order a modular home? Simply head to one of our new modular design pages, The Hayley, Manhattan, Newport or Santa Fe and follow the prompts on the page. For commercial enquires please contact us directly. For more information on selecting your modular home, please view the Purchasing Process page. What flexibility do […]

Preliminary Research

What are the benefits of Nova Deko Modular prefabricated homes? All our modules are built in a controlled factory environment. This allows for a shorter construction time, task specialisation, greater accuracy, no downtime due to bad weather, more efficient use of resources and less wastage. All this results in a superior quality product at the […]