Airbnb modular success

Ever considered a second dwelling in the backyard for some extra rent? Clients of ours are now using online accommodation sites such as Airbnb or Stayz to benefit from extra income rather than conventional renting. It was interesting to hear from our first customers who gave the online accommodation strategy a go. One of our client’s West of Brisbane, Australia immediately started receiving bookings via Airbnb. The main benefit of using online accommodation sites is you can charge accordingly, nightly as opposed to a flat low weekly or monthly fee. Whenever there’s a nearby event on such as festivals, local accommodation becomes scarce. One of our clients Airbnb skyrocketed up an impressive 614% per night for the duration of the festival! In 3 nights alone one of our client’s made what would have been over 2 months worth of conventional rent. Of course there’s always risk involved as some nights are empty, cleaning and admin hosting fees. However, in each case so far the online accommodation hosting far outweighs conventional renting. See below for some helpful tips.

Inside the Manhattan Airbnb in Brisbane's West

Here are some tips from our successful Airbnb client’s if you’re thinking of going modular for a second dwelling.


– Location is key. Our client’s run their online rentals within walking distance to hospitals, shopping centres, parks and schools. They can’t express how much there needs to be a reason for people to want to stay there! It’s evident the closer to these locations the more popular the rental is.


– Majority of guests prefer the place to be nice and private. A simple solution from one of our client’s was to plant large hedges across the deck and a nylon trellis for vines to grow up to the roof. This not only created privacy but enhanced the natural surroundings in an urban environment. 


– Internet is a must! The first thing customers do when entering is hunt for the WiFi information. Always have it out visible and ready for use. 


–  Offering condiments is a must to maintain those 5 stars! Always keep the essential stock levels full. Coffee, tea, sugar, milk, fresh linen and towels to name a few!


– If you’re too busy to clean up after each guest there are online rental cleaners who can manage and clean your Airbnb. This option is perfect for busy people or if you’re going away on holidays.